Monday, 18 May 2009

Elections are over

The little man goes back to work May 18, 2009
All the excitement is over and the UPA gets to form the government. Thankfully this is without having to work with a sword dangling over its head. The nation, rather the whole world, watched last year when the nuclear deal had to be passed, witnessing all the natak (drama) in Parliament. Now one can expect some smooth governance with the country progressing at a comfortable pace. The opposition, unlike in the past, should provide some balance to help keep the Union Government on track and not place boulders in the way to derail it. If anything this election has proved that the people cannot be fooled much longer. They will now be watching what the government does as well as what the opposition parties in Parliament are doing. A party that can recognise the good being done by the government is a party that will be respected and remembered in the next election. On the other hand the Congress Party should build upon the present success and get back to Uttar Pradesh where it had been all but forgotten.
Now, the little man who didn't really stop working during the election perion, as he cannot afford to, works harder.

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