Monday, 13 July 2009

End of statue `fixing'

Published in Capital Notebook of The Times of India dated July 17, 2000
`Our leaders are not traffic constables'
The End of Statue Fixing
Statue fixing finally seems to be on its way out with the housing and urban development minister Lalji Tandon announcing that no statue shell henceforth be installed at traffic intersections. The minister made the announcement while unveiling a bust of Munshi Newal Kishore on Friday. This, he said, was being done as our great leaders were not traffic constables! City folks, however, have already been made traffic constables? After all, Bhimrao Ambedkar is there at Charbagh while Maharana Pratap `controls' Hussainganj. Likewise, there's Rabindranath Tagore at IT crossing, Suhel Dev Rajbhar at the Nur Manzil trisection and Uda Devi at the Sikanderbagh crossing.

Since 2000 we have seen a lot of change in Lucknow with statues, colossal ones at that crowding the city. Saying that our leaders are not traffic constables is true. What no one understands is that these same leaders who are being venerated `in stone of bronze' would have themselves been against the waste of money involved.

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